The Bells Clanged Loudly | | We Rise to Resist

The clarion bell has sounded, calling all of us Democrats across this country to take action in the reclamation of our country’s government, its dignity and integrity through the political power of the ballot.   That means we must be equal to the moment and challenge that confronts us today.   It is imperative that we focus and place our energies, emotions, and motivations into a rational, organized plan to revive our nation. 

The first step was taken the day we stood up in solidarity across the country, as others –from around the world– joined us in lending their voices as amazing statements of support.  It was only the beginning of the journey back to Democracy.  

We must now maintain the verve needed to create and sustain an effective strategy with steadfast resolve to reverse the destructive course and prevent normalization of the abominable.  To that end, we look to the 6th of November 2018 and envision the changes needed for the sake of our country and our sanity and the role the number 24 will play.

We Must Walk As Others Before Us Have!

Since the 9th of November 2016, our sensibilities have been shaken as disbelief erupted and uncertainty emerged.   Having lost the national election, we have been told to accept –if not openly embrace– the surreal.  How can we be expected to quietly take an electoral loss in stride while the rights, policies, initiatives and freedoms earnestly fought for and won during the last 50 years are placed on the chopping block of regressive and reactionary political factionalism?  And, all that not for greater good, but for corrosive empowerment of one party in all branches of our government. 

Liberty BellFor all our relatives, friends, and fellow countrymen who walked upon the Edmund Pettus Bridge, stood ground at Kent State University, took a stance and occupied Wounded Knee, marched upon Washington, D.C.  for the countless others who have suffered and endured so that we may thrive today –much is owed.   And so, it is our right, duty and responsibility to take action.   As was truthfully said, “Freedom is not free“.

The moment has come and our time is now –our government needs us and we need to unite and prevail against an autocracy that is sweeping the land.   “…never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.“  John Donne wrote many eons ago, “…never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.”   The 21st of January 2017 was our formidable declaratory response to the unacceptable.  We heard the bells ring and we stood, shoulder to shoulder, arms interlocked with fierceness in our voices and defiance in our stride.  We are the people the Constitution speaks  of,  about,  to, and for.  The power is vested in us and the ballot is an expression of that right. 

A Singular Message for Recovery:  24 on November 6th, 2018.

We cannot dignify the 45th President by uttering his name.   We will call this man by his number: 45.  Nothing more, and nothing less.  

Each passing week, sometimes day, engenders more accumulating wrongs –both unethical and immoral– foisted upon us with 45’s regime that one can become overwhelmed and subject to inaction.  It is those spirited, spontaneous acts of resistance that are very encouraging and keeps us motivated.   But, we must look forward to the Elections of November 2018.   We need to focus on the number:  24.  That is the number of Congressional seats Democrats need to gain in November of 2018 to bring the resistance to a constructive fruition.  

Republicans in 2010 gained 63 Seats; Democrats in 2006 gained 31 Seats. Republicans in 1994 gained 54 Seats. So, how hard will it be for the Democrats to gain 24 seats in the US House in 2018?    Let us look at the numbers to put the challenge that lies before us into historical context.  Against that backdrop, gaining 24 seats in Congress in 2018 is not a heavy lift.  It can be done with effort, if not ease.   And, WE can do it IF we channel the anger and outrage we all feel into a coherent electoral strategy for 2018!