Who We Are

Our Origin
Blue Sweep LA formed fairly organically when a fairly large group of BlueSweep LAus (some shell-shocked, many anxious and fearful, others furious and few with a view to the future) got together January 16th as part of the resistance movement to protest the November election outcome.

An eclectic group emerged that day in January with a keen focus upon the Congressional Elections of 2018.   While protests and active resistance against 45 were (and continue to be) critical to minimizing the damage being done daily to the fabric of our country, Blue Sweep LA began researching districts and seats up for elections in 2018 to determine which seats:  (1) needed to be protected;  (2) could turn Democratic; and (3) were safe.

Our Mission
Build a grassroots group to 1) Engage in intra- and inter-state networking to support targeted voting districts with the intent of turning them Democratic or purple in the 2018 elections 2) Be the Internet Outpost Forum for exchanging and providing information about districts and candidates,  events and initiatives that can and do affect and impact elections.

This is a campaign paradigm shift the DNC needs, a model to facilitate the momentum and initiative of grassroots groups across state lines to effect changes.  It is futile to continue turning blue states even bluer.  The way forward in the crisis our country faces now is to contain and stop the rising tides of the regressive red sea.

What We do

We needed a platform to accomplish that mission as a group.  That is the motivation for this web site.  The site serves as a platform  that both our membership and others from around the country can  leverage to:

  • See/read/learn for themselves what is unfolding in the “flippable” districts;
  • Understand what local voting districts and grassroots organizations in key districts are doing to mount a challenge to the Republican incumbents;
  • Disseminate and share materials to rapidly spread best practices and ideas to help activists become more effective;
  • Provide information on voter suppression by state/voting district so that there can be organized response and resistance;
  • Create awareness of information on the investigations of 45 and his regime in the Intelligence Committees and, eventually, an independent counsel.
  • Engage with other like-minded organizations and individuals who are interested in the same objectives.

In the last election, we learned that one cannot engage voters starting a month before an election.    Blue Sweep LA will serve as an instrument in creating meaningful connections to the grassroots organizations trying to flip individual districts as early as possible.  In the months ahead, these connections will be used to support the activists in different districts as we go through various phases of preparing for the election.

Our Values

Blue Sweep LA will play a role in turning this country Blue from the bottom up.   We are committed participants of the movement to reclaim truly representative, grassroots democracy and restoring the principle of a government that serves ALL the people, and not the narrow interests of just one party that attends to the needs of a few.
There are many organizations that are taking on the mission of resistance and electoral change in 2018 in different ways and from different angles.   We will cooperate with those individuals and organizations that are dedicated to the goals we have described above and whose values and mode of operation are consistent with our own.

Disclaimer:  We are not a Political Action Group or Paid Lobbyists or Consultants to any Candidate be they incumbent or challenger.   We are, however,  very concerned voters!!!