This page provides you a timely set of announcements, events, and developments related to the campaign and election in 2018.  It will be refreshed frequently to keep the announcements relevant and current.  If you want us to post anything of relevance here, please send us details by contacting us.

All we need is 24 net seats in Congress in 2018 to re-establish American on a slightly more stable foundation. The Republicans passed their horrible health care bill in Congress, and now stand to lose 20 to 23 seats already. See our post on The Daily Kos piece and The Cook Political Report on this surge.
Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen (Republican from Florida 27) has announced her retirement at the end of her current term. She is in an increasingly Democratic district, that voted overwhelmingly for Clinton in 2016. But she has become an institution in this area, and would have been very hard to beat. Her retirement opens the door for a big pick-up for Team Blue!
A new podcast is new focused like a laser on documenting how this leader of ours and his administration continue to break the law on a daily basis. This podcast, created by Take Care, takes on different issues, but always feeding into how our laws and traditions are being flouted by the current regime from the top down.
Sea Change Leadership PAC (the organization that is supporting US Congresswoman Karen Bass in her re-election), is scheduling voter outreach in Simi Valley on Sunday, April 30th. Simi Valley is 50 miles north west of Los Angeles to target US Congressmen Steven Knight in California’s District 25.
The Montana At Large Congressional special election, scheduled for May 25th, 2017, has not received as much attention, as others. perhaps because Montana is as red as they come. But, battling for the Blue Team will be Rob Quist, an interesting and quirky person who is a rural Democrat. We should support Rob — he has a shot, albeit a small one.
All eyes will be on Georgia’s 6th District till the special election on June 20th. We hope John Osoff knocks of Karen Handel, and brings 45 down a peg or two. Check out John Osoff’s campaign events.
The close loss (7 points) in the blood-red State of Kansas (District 4) by Democrat James Thompson to Ron Estes in a recent special election has everyone buzzing even in Kansas. It is an encouraging sign.
There are lots of special elections this year, thanks to Republicans leaving their usual jobs to go join 45’s regime. Most of the races have gone Republican before, but that does not mean this year will be the same as before.