♦ Grassroots Organizations

Blue Sweep LA sees its role as trying to get these organizations networked with one another.  We wish to connect all the activists and newly motivated public to grassroots organizations that are doing the work required in each congressional district.       

  • FlippableflippableThis organization focuses on state races. As we have stressed, elections are run at the state level. If you want to flip the Congress and Senate nationally to Blue, you have to eventually tackle State legislatures and State elections. That is what Flippable does.
  • Adopt a State  Using the evocative “adoption” model, this organization provides a platform for activists scattered around the country to provide support to the grassroots organization involved in state elections. It builds social media and organizational support to aid this process.
  • The Resurgent Left   With the motto of “Fighting for Team Blue, From the Bottom Up”, this organization has the explicit motto of building a 50-state strategy. Clearly such organizations are filling the yawning strategic and tactical gaps that the Democratic party has managed to create! They focus on local races.
  • Code Blue Team With a broad mission to rebuild a progressive voting majority in Federal, state, and local government, this organization is growing rapidly — membership of 24,000. They provide a central resource to use in research and to build networks.
  • Spread the Vote Spread the Vote   This organization provides services to ensure all citizens can exercise the right to vote in spite of egregious attempts to block the votes and deny access to this crucial constitutional right. 
  • Sister District  Like many others, this organization realizes the importance of reaching out to the Red areas of our country. It specifically provides ways to match activists with Congressional Districts where they might channel their enthusiasm and ongoing support.
  • Swing Left  Once you look at Congress strategically, the mathematics makes it clear that we need to reach into Red districts to turn them blue. This organization tries to match each activist with a specific district that is closest to that person, with the aim of making it easier to sustain support and effort to flip the district.
  • Action Groups  Formed as one of the grassroots organizations in response to the election of 2018, this group has the goal “to motivate and facilitate a culture of action through a network of Action Groups”. The elections are one area of focus.
  • Indivisible  This is easily the largest and most dynamic of the “resistance” organizations that formed in the immediate aftermath of November 8th, 2018. The Indivisible Guide, available through the web site above, became a blueprint for protest and resistance of 45’s agenda by visible, constant pressure by all people on their own Congressional representative and Senators. It does not focus on electoral change, but it has already demonstrated the value of grassroots mobilization and organization.