Lack of Public Integrity

The Role of the FBI

Speaking of choosing “party over country”, FBI Director James Comey (yes, he’s a Republican, in case you were wondering) owes the American people a genuine, honest investigation into this administration’s involvement with Russia in the election.  Comey himself played a huge role in affecting the election.  Just how partisan his decisions were remains to be seen – but there is now a very sizable cloud of suspicion over his venerable agency (often seen as a model of integrity, and “above politics” since the days of J. Edgar Hoover) and him.

All through the campaign of 2016, Comey never revealed that 45 and his people were under a COUNTER-INTELLIGENCE investigation for collusion with the Russians (yes, the RUSSIANS!).  That is as serious as it gets at the FBI – we’re talking about betraying your own country to gain political power. Indeed, Comey did not reveal this until March 2017 – after the election had long been in the books.

Not blabbing about an ongoing investigation indiscriminately is standard operating procedure for the FBI. Yet, Comey was as chatty as a teenaged school-girl in love when it came to Hillary Clinton.  He went out of his way to give all kinds of unsolicited opinions and critiques on her email server, even though the FBI had already decided that there would be no indictments against Clinton.   And, he sent the letter ten days before the election about “re-opening” the investigation (by looking at more emails on the infamous Anthony Weiner’s computer). It amounted to nothing – but it put the final nail into the coffin of Clinton’s misbegotten election campaign of 2018. 

Thoughts for Action

Fairness in elections is not something we can afford to play with.  The consent and trust of the population at large (those who win in an election, but more importantly those who lose) depends crucially on the feeling that the results of the election reflect the true intent of a majority of the voters in the country.   We cannot be happy with every election outcome, but being able to ACCEPT the result comes from the sense of fairness and transparency in the election process.

And, the questions must be asked:  In what sense is the integrity of the United States intact if its elections can be manipulated so easily and obviously?   What does it mean for our future if there are no tangible legal or political consequences for those worked with Russia from the campaign of 45 to get the result they wanted from our election system?  And, how can an administration be so obviously influenced by an adversary power and not pay any price whatsoever?  In what sense is the United States a sovereign nation if its institutions are so compromised by foreign powers?