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This is a listing of links for websites where we believe pertinent and valuable information is maintained.  What has been gathered is reference information that each of us will want at some point in our activism.  We wanted to minimize the time you have to spend searching the Internet for these key items that can inform you on Voter Registration, Activities of your US Representatives and Senators, Funding/Financial reporting of campaigns and candidates, etc.  If you have any interesting reference materials, contact us with your information.  ♦

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The Redmap ProjectWe have talked about Voter Suppression. Well, this is the blueprint for the systematic Republican takeover of the government at the state and federal level via gerrymandering. And, it has been working! If you read only one link on this topic, this should be it.
Can I Vote? A site to verify or confirm if you are registered to vote.
Gov TrackThis site, GovTrack, does research and tracks legislation in the United States Congress, including Members of Congress, bills and resolutions, voting records, and committee activity. The information is then made available to you or the public so that you can learn about and track the activities of the United States Congress.
Indivisible GuideThis document went viral, and proved to be the blueprint for grassroots action in the wake of Election 2016. It provides the simple, but powerful, steps to take protests to local US representatives and Senators. These acts of resistance have arguably blunted and limited the initial damage of 45.
Open SecretsCompile funding and financial campaign information on politicians at the the national level.
Michael MooreHere is a blueprint for resistance created by Michael Moore and groups associated with him.
Daily Kos ElectionsThis is one of the biggest watering holes for Progressive Democrats. It also has some of the best election resources.
Sea ChangeThis is a document with details about SeaChangePac -- started originally to re-elect US Rep. Karen Bass. It is now broadly trying to flip other seats close to her district.
Brennan CenterThis organization has a huge trove of reference materials related to issues of voting in America.
WTFJHT -- What the F**k Just Happened Today?--Nothing fancy -- just a painstaking chronicle of all the atrocities of the 45 regime.