Summary of Data

What’s at stake.

Let there be no doubt, the U.S. congressional elections scheduled for November 2018 are vital as the voting outcome will determine success with the restoration of a crucial progressive presence in our government.

Senate Seats – The Tough Ones

Thirty-three of the 100 senate seats will be on the 2018 ballot. Of those 33 seats, twenty-three (23) are held by Democrats in addition to the two seats (2) held by Independents for a total of twenty-five seats. The remaining 8 seats for the US Senate race are held by Republicans. As such, 25 seats must be defended and a net gain of 3 seats must be earned to re-establish common sense and sanity in the United State Senate.

House Seats – The 24 Rule

US House Seats – 2018 Elections

For the House of Representatives, 435 seats from across the country will be in play Election Day. Republicans currently control the House with 241 seats. To restore normalcy to our country’s government, Democrats need to defend their current seat total of 194 and add to that toal –at the very least– an additional 24.

We at BlueSweep LA completed an analysis of 33 Senate seats and 58 House seats along with their associated voting districts.  The summation of our analysis of the seats we deemed flippable is posted at our web site as 2 separate pages –one for the House and the other for the Senate.