Uncertainty Looms Large

Something’s Afoul with the 2016 Presidential Election!

The most disheartening aspect of the November 2016 election was not that the Republicans won with a candidate who was clearly less qualified, less fit, and less prepared to serve as the leader of the free world than his opponent.  That’s happened before (don’t forget George Bush in 2000). The real problem with the election of November 2018 is that it might well have been engineered in the Kremlin, aided and abetted (to what degree remains to be seen) by officials in 45’s campaign.  And, now the charade continues with the cooperation and consent of the Republican party.  And, all these shenanigans seem to have happened right under the noses of our law enforcement agencies, like the FBI.


The Bear is Still in the White House!

45 engaged Michael Flynn as National Security advisor. Flynn was a big part of 45’s campaign, giving the campaign credibility with his so-called national security chops! Yet, Flynn had to resign under a cloud of suspicion as it became apparent he had been talking to the Russian ambassador to ease sanctions imposed by Obama and had been paid for being an agent for the sordid Government of Turkey, even though he conveniently forgot to mention these meetings when questioned by reporters. Michael Flynn was not appointed to some low level position. He was appointed to be 45’s closest security related adviser. How he managed to get his security clearance for this position remains a big mystery.

The real issue though is NOT Flynn. People lie to avoid accountability for inconvenient decisions that they may have made. The problem is 45 himself – he wanted Flynn. They were briefed that Flynn was in big trouble by Sally Yates, an outgoing Obama administration official. They simply did not care.

45’s campaign was full of unseemly characters with an inexplicable penchant for Russia. This includes his erstwhile campaign manager, Paul Manafort; his confidante and political gadfly Roger Stone, the utterly bizarre and chatty Carter Page, and Attorney General (and honorary Confederate leader) Jefferson Beauregard Sessions. Sessions lied before the US Senate Panel about his contact with the Russian ambassador, and was never held to account.  Even 45’s son-in-law (the “Secretary of Everything” in this administration) managed to “forget” his contacts with the Russian ambassador.  This sounds like a bad spy novel — but it’s not!  Sadly, all this is real…

The Republican Motto:  Party over Country!

This is not the Republican Party of Eisenhower and Reagan – staunchly protective of national interests over petty partisan gain. Whatever you thought of that Republican party, they were patriots, not willing to sell out their country in exchange for their own power or partisan gain.