Voter Suppression — Examples

 And now, this…

As more and more of the country has turned red in the states, this situation has become worse.  And, voter suppression makes it very hard to uproot this structure easily at the ballot box.  Here is a more contemporary update on the issue of voter suppression with a sense of humor.   No one does it better than John Oliver!

In the United States today:
voter suppression manifests itself in many very direct and subtle ways – from laws that affect registration to intimidation techniques at the polling place.  Here is an article that lays it out very clearly [  Care2 Post ]
Perhaps you believe that these voter suppression methods affect the margins and are not material to the results of elections. There are a couple of ways to respond to that
  • Even Small Numbers Matter: Don’t forget that Trump is President today because a football stadium full of voters across Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan decided that he was a better choice for them than Clinton!
  • 2016 Impacted by Voter Suppression: Here is another analysis from the organization Think Progress that describes how the 2016 election was impacted by voter suppression methods used by Republicans.
Be Aware…
If you want to know one person who is prominent in promulgating voter suppression today, you start with Chris Kobach, an obscure Kansas politician, who has become the sharp point of the spear on this issue for the Right.  He has been advocating a whole slew of voter suppression methods by scaring everyone about” voter fraud”.   Voter fraud is when the same person votes in many different jurisdictions.  It is tough enough to get Americans to vote — let alone vote multiple times!  It has been well documented that voter fraud has never happened on a scale large enough in ANY election in the United States.  Voter Suppression, on the other hand has been a huge factor in election after election.
So, using everything from systematic gerrymandering through partisan legislatures and manipulation of the machinery of elections through the Secretaries of State and crude intimidation tactics at the ballot box, the modern Republican party has become amazingly adept at winning elections without worrying about how to persuade a majority of the electorate with real ideas and plans.   Now, that’s evil, but it is also ingenious.  Worst of all, it has worked devastatingly well!