Voter Suppression – Organized Response

In a democracy, the good news is that we can fight back against anything that is unfair through organized response.  The bad news is that it all comes down to “We the People”!

Stay Informed and Ready:  The first step in dealing with any problem is to learn about it and acknowledge it.  Elections are a messy business in any democracy.  And, in the United States, as it is today, if we want elections to be a fair reflection of the true intent of voters, we have to make sure we organize and agitate to make elections completely fair, and keep them that way.

Be aware of organizations that are fighting back: There are a number of organizations that are in the trenches every day fighting against voter suppression.  They range from venerable institutions like the A.C.L.U., emerging movements like Moral Mondays (see below), and smaller grassroots organizations in each and every state that are doing battle against their State officials when they indulge in voter suppression practices.  ALL these organizations play crucial roles, and we must support them with our time, voice, and resources to the maximum extent possible.

  • A.C.L.U.  – this organization has the most fierce lawyers and credibility to fight back.  Usually, they mobilize their amazing team of committed lawyers to fight the legal battles.  They also study the issue very carefully and you can learn a lot from their Voter Suppression Research site.
  • MORAL MONDAYS:  When it comes to grassroots organizations, it doesn’t get much better than Moral Mondays, led by the formidable Rev. William Barber   They have been enormously successful in North Carolina in rapidly mobilizing their people to fight back against voter suppression laws.  This is a good model of how one organization can be aided by activists across the country to stop bad legislation before it becomes law.
  • NAACP:  an older organization still mobilizes around voter suppression, especially in areas where people of color are impacted by these practices.
  • REMEZCLA: This piece points you to many organizations fighting against voter suppression.
  • Center for Effective Government :  an organization focused on voter engagement and better government.